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Welcome to DC LEVEE’s New Orleans & Back Community Action Program!



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Thank You To All Of Those That Participated In Our First Annual Marcus Edwards Day Service Event:



April 2017 Newsletter

Students of the 2015-2016 Service Trip, are with the home owner, who’s house they are helping rebuild, with the help of the St. Bernard Project.



Students In Front Of The Industrial Canal Levee in the 9th Ward of New Orleans During the 2013-2014 Service Trip

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Mission Statement

The New Orleans and Back Community Action Program is the primary youth service program of DC Leaders Empowering Visionary Educational Excellence (DC LEVEE), a 501c3 organization. New Orleans and Back is a program through which high school students develop leadership skills by conducting community service projects locally and in identified service cities. DC LEVEE seeks to empower youth through civic responsibility by placing an emphasis on the importance of art as a framework to empower communities.